Empowerment through Expertise

Kshemendra’s Business coaching and Consultation...

Kshemendra shares his priceless expertise and insights with both Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises as well as large corporations, offering a distinctive chance to foster growth and achieve excellence.

Our consultancy spans a range of critical areas, from marketing strategies for high-performance concrete materials to catalyzing awareness and the development of low carbon concrete. We delve into cutting-edge concrete mix optimization, establish internationally benchmarked quality assurance systems, and advocate sustainable practices. This comprehensive approach seeks to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the adoption of best practices, all while nurturing a culture of environmental responsibility.

Strategic Growth Solutions

Benefit from Kshemendra’s prolific corporate leadership expertise spanning over two decades, where he successfully built multinational companies, nurtured sales, executed global business strategies, and effectively managed organizational change. Leverage his proficiency to drive growth, enhance profitability, and promote sustainability. Through personalized consultancy, harness his insights for expanding into new markets, streamlining operations, driving innovation, and diversifying your portfolio, ensuring success in a competitive business environment.

Technical Proficiency and Best Practices

Kshemendra’s mentoring empowers concrete industry experts with advanced technical knowledge. Grounded in the established practices of polynomial mix design and CUSUM analysis within the British RMC industry, his mix optimization program reduces 8 – 10 per cent cement consumption per m3 of concrete. Employing international quality systems and seamlessly integrating Technical, Production, and Sales frameworks, his guidance elevates your team’s competitive edge, distinguishing your enterprise through technical excellence, financial viability, and outstanding achievement.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Engage Kshemendra’s consulting expertise in developing low-carbon concrete solutions and their specifications by mapping concrete’s embodied carbon. With Kshemendra’s mix optimization initiative, reduce your concrete’s carbon footprint by a substantial 10-12 percent. Benefit from his practical know-how in effectively integrating recycled aggregates and industrial byproducts to enhance the sustainability of your operations. Join forces with Kshemendra as he strives to advance concrete decarbonization via established guidelines, further solidifying India’s commitment to achieving Net-Zero goals.

Kshemendra | Empowering Concrete Leadership

Navigating success with Kshemendra

Kshemendra harmoniously combines a deep understanding of Sales strategies with exceptional technical proficiency, evident in his track record as a prominent corporate leader spearheading innovation and fostering growth.

As the business head of India’s first RMC unit covering the full value chain of batching, transporting, and pumping the concrete, Kshemendra spearheaded a team that achieved remarkable feats like the pioneering supply of RMC to a PWD flyover, temperature-controlled concrete (below 18°C) and high flow M60 grade concrete through RMC operations – a significant accomplishment during the nascent stages of the Indian RMC industry.

Kshemendra’s pioneering contributions to the Indian ready mixed concrete industry, combined with his two-year training in global production and technical systems for ready mixed concrete with the operating companies in the UK, establish him as a distinguished figure within the concrete industry.

His visionary approach in expanding use of micro silica in diverse applications like high-rise structures and ultrathin white topping played a pivotal role in reshaping the Indian market for high-performance concrete materials, resulting in remarkable growth and transformation. Partnering with SINTEF, Kshemendra prepared the detailed project report on Construction and Demolition waste management for the Goa Waste Management Corporation and executed two pilot projects incorporating recycled aggregates, while establishing the enhanced CO2 sequestration capabilities through state-of-the-art tests in Norway.

One of the rare concrete professionals in India to have qualified the world’s premier ‘Diploma in Advanced Concrete Technology’ course conducted by the Institute of Concrete Technology (UK) and with his outstanding contribution in the field of concrete technology in India, Kshemendra holds a wealth of expertise to contribute to the construction industry.

Kshemendra | Empowering Concrete Leadership

Customized Consultancy Services

Our Business Consulting and Coaching services are skillfully tailored to address the varied demands of today’s business
environment. Whether you are an MSME poised to unearth untapped potential, or a corporate entity primed for strategic expansion, Kshemendra’s expert guidance will illuminate the path to success.

Business Coaching Services

Elevate your organization with cutting-edge marketing strategies, leadership development, and change management. Empower sales teams, optimize operations, and implement global quality systems for efficiency and cost savings. Enhance staff skills in concrete technology and troubleshooting.

Ready Mixed Concrete

In ready-mixed concrete, we focus on critical success factors: optimizing sales-to-cost ratios, coaching teams, streamlining processes, adhering to international standards, and providing solutions for environmental compliance. Elevate your operations to world-class profitability and reputation.

Concrete Mix Optimization

Cost-effective mix optimization is crucial in RMC but the Indian RMC industry lacks a robust benchmark for cement content. The British RMC Association’s ‘Polynomial mix design’ can cut cement usage by 8 to 10 percent, boosting profitability and supporting low-carbon concrete that revolutionize the sector.

High Performance Concrete Materials

Our consultancy analyzes market size, growth rates, sales distribution, and segmentation. We create milestone-based business plans, organizational structures, and facilitate talent acquisition. We provide specification selling training, competitor analysis, and value propositions, ensuring market leadership and product approvals.

Sustainability & Low Carbon Concrete

The urgent need to limit global warming drives concrete decarbonization. Mix composition shifts to reduce cement. RMC operations measure and document embodied carbon, emphasizing low carbon materials and specifications. We collaborate for low-carbon concrete adoption and sustainable building design, prioritizing environmental responsibility.

C&D Waste Management

India faces C&D waste issues. New standards allow 20% recycled concrete aggregates. We partner with SINTEF for comprehensive waste management, benefiting organizations like Goa Waste Management Corp, L&T Constructions, and Godrej Constructions, showcasing recycled aggregates’ potential and carbon sequestration.