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Concrete Technology and Construction

The Institute of Concrete Technology (UK) administers an up-to-date, industry recognized four-stage qualification scheme, which is directly linked to its professional grades of membership. Institute membership status is internationally recognized and highly valued, with its attainment widely viewed as a significant personal achievement and a benchmark of competence and professional standing.

The Concrete Technology & Construction scheme has been established for more than 40 years to provide graded progression for individuals throughout their career, leading to membership of The Institute of Concrete Technology. Each qualification is structured based on comprehensive lists of learning objectives meticulously curated by the Institute’s esteemed Technical and Education committee. These learning objectives undergo continuous review and updating to ensure alignment with evolving industry demands and advancements.

Courses are open for joining at any point, although we recommend enrolling at least 6 months before May exams to allocate ample time for preparation. We offer flexibility for self-paced study according to your schedule. You can undertake the complete course to prepare for the ICT exams held every May or opt for individual modules to receive training in your specific area of expertise. Additionally, we provide customized courses designed for your workforce needs.

STAGE 1 - Concrete Practice

This beginner’s qualification suits those entering construction or fields involving production, usage, or quality control. It aids in developing foundational skills for these pursuits, who are stepping into construction or associated fields. It ensures a robust start for individuals, offering a clear pathway into their chosen professions.

STAGE 2 – General Principles

Designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of concrete. Detailed information is provided on constituent materials, specification, concrete properties, production, and performance. Intended for candidates who have some prior knowledge and experience or possess the Institute’s Stage 1 qualification.

STAGE 3 – Practical Applications

Provides participants with detailed understanding of the effective application of concrete. Covers  practicalities of materials selection, achievement of quality & performance in site procedures & construction methods. For candidates who have significant knowledge and experience or possess the Institute’s Stage 2 qualification.

STAGE 4 – Advanced Concrete Technology

Recognized globally as the leading award in advanced concrete technology, this qualification is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of the subject. Original research is an essential component of the qualification. For candidates who have acquired considerable experience and responsibility.

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Specially Curated Courses

The mentioned specially curated courses in our website is not all encompassing. It is indicative and we are open to structuring tailor-made course on any topic under concrete technology to meet your requirements.

Kshemendra | Empowering Concrete Leadership

Elevate your expertise with Kshemendra’s training

L & T Constructions trusts Kshemendra to guide senior managers for ICT stage 3 exams. SINTEF, Norway’s leading research entity, leverages Kshemendra's capacity-building acumen in India's C&D WIN initiative. Kshemendra has adeptly trained RMC Readymix's managers for success in stage 2 and 3 exams and Prism RMC on RMC practices and special concretes. Many practicing professionals and students have gained from his webinars, where his expertise is in high demand.

Kshemendra, an esteemed Fellow of the ICT (FICT), stands as one of the rare concrete professionals in India who have successfully completed Diploma in Advanced Concrete Technology course, acknowledged as the world's premium qualification in concrete technology. Benefit from Kshemendra's wealth of experience as a seasoned concrete and construction expert. With over 30 years of practical involvement, his guidance offers unmatched insights and industry-specific wisdom, granting you a competitive advantage in the dynamic realm of concrete technology.

Cutting-edge training methodologies have been implemented, facilitated through the learning system management platform. The training, meticulously designed by Kshemendra, encompasses comprehensive and detailed notes bringing out the most recent advancements in global concrete technology aligned with international codes. This inclusive approach incorporates tutorial videos, assignments, live workshops, and practice tests modeled on past examination papers. These efforts collectively ensure thorough preparation of candidates for their ICT exams.