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Non-Structural Cracking in Concrete

Distinguishing between structural and non-structural cracking, explaining the mechanisms and causes behind diverse forms of non-structural cracking, as well as recognizing and averting issues like plastic shrinkage cracks, plastic settlement cracks, early thermal contraction cracks, crazing, and long-term drying shrinkage cracks, are essential components of this discussion.

These cracks can be distinguished by their specific patterns and the timing of their appearance. This module will enable participants to adeptly identify key forms of non-structural concrete cracks, while concurrently describing the origins, characteristics, and consequences inherent to each type. By adhering to proper concrete proportioning, handling techniques, and construction practices, it is entirely feasible to prevent all these types of cracks effectively.

Drawing guidance from the Concrete Society Technical Report concerning Non-structural Concrete Cracking, this module will explain the rationale behind limiting crack widths in reinforced concrete structures. It will define standard limitations for various applications, clarify on the influences impacting crack widths in reinforced concrete, and define strategies for governing crack widths through both design and construction techniques.