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Ready Mixed Concrete – Practical Issues and Solutions

This topic encompasses various aspects, including the procedure for certifying a Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) plant for supply, techniques for conducting RMC plant audits, valuable insights into quality systems and controls that customers should consider when selecting an RMC plant.

The subject also covers how to appropriately sample concrete from trucks and addresses practical challenges associated with cube casting and testing that might lead to inaccurate outcomes. Preventive measures for such situations will be outlined. Furthermore, the subject will explore collaborative opportunities between RMC suppliers and other stakeholders, such as specifiers and contractors.

The aim is to achieve overall advantages such as more rational specifications, correct on-site practices, improved quality, and economic benefits. It will also delve into anticipated future challenges for the RMC industry, stemming from the necessity to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint and to effectively manage wastewater, returned concrete and repurpose construction and demolition waste.