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Cube failures, Non-destructive tests and dispute resolution

This topic will encompass the repercussions arising from a reported low cube strength result and the necessary procedures for resolving the resulting dispute.This will involve a range of aspects, including but not restricted to adhering to the acceptance criteria outlined in IS -456, outlining the step-by-step process for investigating potential reasons behind the observed low cube strength, selecting appropriate non-destructive tests (NDT) such as the Rebound Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity test, Cores, and Half-cell potential to determine the in-situ strength and condition of the concrete.

The module will explain the factors that guide the selection of specific tests, whether used individually or in combination, and will thoroughly discuss the advantages and limitations inherent in these NDT methods. Furthermore, the module will comprehensively cover the recently revised IS codes pertaining to various non-destructive tests, with a special focus on tests like the Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tests and Cores. Participants will gain updated insights into the latest specifications and acceptance criteria for non-destructive tests and dispute resolution.