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Durability of Concrete

Through this module, the participants will develop a clear understanding of the principal mechanisms accountable for the degradation of both concrete and its reinforcement. The process of corrosion in reinforcement initiated by factors like carbonation and chloride attack will be explained, in addition to the deterioration of concrete caused by chemical attack and mechanical attrition.

Essential factors contributing to concrete deterioration will be emphasized. This module will identify the specific structural components that necessitate consideration for reinforcement corrosion during the design stage. Furthermore, it will scrutinize protective strategies that can be deployed to shield concrete against such forms of damage. Various testing methodologies used to evaluate damage and assess concrete’s ability to resist these deteriorative agents will be explored, especially in the context of concrete design for durability against such challenges.

The module will explore the significance of transitioning from conventional prescriptive specifications to performance-based specifications. The module will underscore how this shift plays a pivotal role in steering qualitative enhancements in bolstering structural durability, particularly given the contemporary focus on decarbonizing concrete.